Public launch of Multilingual Capital

The format of this evening event followed popular programmes such as Question Time, with short talks followed by a panel discussion of questions submitted in advance by members of the audience. The discussion panel included:
  • Beverley Costa, CEO of Mothertongue, a multiethnic and multilingual counselling service
  • Naomi Nagy, Lead investigator of the Heritage Language Variation and Change project, Toronto, Canada (York University, Canada
  • Itesh Sachdev, Director of the Centre for Languages of the Wider World and specialist in language attitudes and minority language vitality (SOAS)
  • Esther de Leeuw, specialist in bilingualism in immigrant communities (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Devyani Sharma, specialist in language variation and change in bilingual London communities (Queen Mary University of London)
The event was attended by over 75 people from a wide range of backgrounds, including students, researchers, interpreters, professionals with a personal or professional interest in multilingualism, educators, teachers, parents, and asylum and refugee workers. Powerpoint presentations and video clips are available for several of the short talks as well as for the Q&A discussion – video content for the site is being updated.